Majyk Equipe Colour Elite No Turn Bell Boots

Brand: Majyk Equipe
Model #: Majyk Equipe Colour Elite No Turn Bell Boots
Item #: ME4001


Majyk Equipe Colour Elite No Turn Bell Boots

High quality bell boots made using the same high quality materials as the Majyk Equipe Elite XC Boots. The no turn design keeps the bell boots positioned correctly on the horse’s hoof. Correct positioning prevents overreach injuries and damage to the bell boot’s triple Velcro closure system.

- No turn design
- Soft bell top reduces / eliminates rubs
- High quality, rip resistant shell
- Reinforced, large impact area made of Kevlar-like material protects   
  sensitive bulbs of feet helps prevent shoes being pulled off
- Won’t absorb water or plant life
- Non neoprene
- 3 sizes fit most horses
- Triple Velcro closures
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Colours: Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Orange, Black/Blue, Black/Purple

#ME4001 - Black/Black - Small
#ME4002 - Black/Black - Medium
#ME4003 - Black/Black - Large
#ME4004 - Black/Purple - Small
#ME4005 - Black/Purple - Medium
#ME4006 - Black/Purple - Large
#ME4007 - Black/Turquoise - Small
#ME4008 - Black/Turquoise - Medium
#ME4009 - Black/Turquoise - Large
#ME4010 - Black/Blue - Small
#ME4011 - Black/Blue - Medium
#ME4012 - Black/Blue - Large
#ME4013 - Black/Red - Small
#ME4014 - Black/Red - Medium
#ME4016 - Black/Red - Large
#ME4017 - Black/Orange - Small
#ME4018 - Black/Orange - Medium
#ME4019 - Black/Orange - Large

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