Nuu Med HW Event Pad

Brand: Nuu Med
Model #: Nuu Med HW Event Pad
Item #: EV01


NuuMed High Wither Event Pad

A new ergonomically designed saddle pad aimed mainly at cross country competitors to maximize performance and give a streamlined look. Incorporating the NuuMed HiWither design, this 5oz quilted saddle pad has a contoured shape to complement most styles of jumping saddle.

The NuuMed Event Pad, whilst more streamlined than their other saddle pads,
still has enough space for personalizing with embroidered names or small logos.
Available in large as standard and comes with short D-ring top straps as standard.

Back Seam Length - 53cm
Depth - 51cm
Full Length - 58cm

Colours: Black, White, Navy, Purple, Red.

#EV01EV02LR - Black - Large
#EV01EV07LR - White - Large
#EV01EV05LR - Navy - Large
#EV01EV15LR - Purple - Large
#EV01EV08LR - Red - Large

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