Passier Comet III Jumping Saddle

Brand: Passier
Model #: Passier Comet III Jumping Saddle
Item #: 0024


Passier Comet III Jumping Saddle

This very comfortable jumping saddle features eye-catching decorative stitching, top quality workmanship, a very soft seat and a Passier logo on the cantle. The knee and calf blocks ensure a good grip and increased security in the saddle. The flaps are lined with Jupa leather for an even better grip. The panels allow for a larger support surface of the saddle on the horse’s back. The seat, knee, pillow inserts are made of Jupa leather and the flaps are lined with Jupa leather.

Features specially formed panels,  a PS saddle tree with half deep seat (broader at the rear), soft seat, knee and calf blocks, freedom panels withers with widened
supporting surface behind, square cantle with Passier lettering, optional.

Seat sizes: 16 "to 19".
Colours: Black, Havana or Teak.

#0024-17M - 17” Medium
#0024-175M - 17.5” Medium
#0024-18M - 18” Medium
#0024-185M - 18.5" Medium
#0024-19M - 19" Medium

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