Majyk Equipe Leather Buckle Hind Boots

Brand: Majyk Equipe
Model #: Majyk Equipe Leather Buckle Hind Boots
Item #: ME2019


Majyk Equipe Leather Buckle Hind Boots

Compete with quality in the Majyk Equipe Genuine Leather/Buckle Fetlock Hind Boots! Constructed completely from the finest first grade Argentine leather, these boots will stand out in any horse competition. The boot is lined with a lightweight bio foam to add additional cushioning for comfort, and has a layer of impact protection, giving your equine athlete the best protection possible. The liner can be easily removed to be washed. This well-engineered boot conforms perfectly to the leg, and the European styling gives a sleek, sophisticated appearance.


- Fine First Grade Argentine Leather
- No 'Pleather'
- Bio Foam Liner 
- Impact Protection
- Removable Liner
- Lightweight & Breathable
- Double Stitched Binding & Finishing
- High Quality Buckle Closures

Colour: Brown
Sizes: Horse or Pony

#ME2019 -  Fetlock Boots - Brown - Medium/Large   
#ME2021 - Fetlock Boots - Brown - Pony/Cob