Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Gen II Cross Country Boots

Brand: Majyk Equipe
Model #: Majyk Equipe Cross Boyd Martin Gen II Country Boots
Item #: BMX001


Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Gen II Cross Country Boots

Developed and tested in partnership with Olympic equestrian Boyd Martin, the Majyk Equipe Cross-Country Front Boots feature design elements usually only found in much more expensive boots. These boots feature a unique fit that do not inhibit the horse's movement, and are constructed from a super strong but lightweight rip-stop material. The new Majyk Equipe Generation II Cross Country boots have a five layer construction for extra durability. This five layer construction offers 30% more impact protection while maintaining freedom of movement and flexibility.

The boots feature an all new eco friendly anti-fungal proprietary Gen II Hyperflex Foam interior only available to Majyk Equipe. The addition of extra large perforations help prevent heat build-up, while the supersoft finish offers exceptional comfort. The extra strong outer construction repels moisture, maintaining lightweight comfort and protection over all kinds of terrain. Flexing with the horse's natural movement, the all new four way flexion strike plate offers a larger protection area while acting as armor during impact.


- Unique Shape Readily Conforms to Natural Leg Conformation
- Reinforced Breathable Re-Flex Mesh Outer Repels Dirt & Moisture
- Ultra Lightweight, Breathable & Comfortable
- Five Layer Construction
- Built-In Interior Flexion Strike Plate flexes four ways for Advanced Impact Protection
- Proprietary Anti Bacterial Hyperflex Foam with Added Perforations
- Double Stitched Binding and Finishing
- USA Velcro® brand Long Straps for Custom Adjustment

Front or Hind Boots in Black or White
Sizes: Medium or Large

#BMX001 - Front - Black - Medium   
#BMX010 - Front - Black - Large   
#BMX005 - Front - White - Medium  
#BMX008 - Front - White - Large   
#BMX002 - Hind - Black - Medium  
#BMX011 - Hind - Black - Large   
#BMX006 - Hind - White - Medium 
#BMX007 - Hind - White - Large   


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