Majyk Equipe Infinity Series Open Front Tendon Boots

Brand: Majyk Equipe
Model #: Majyk Equipe Infinity Series Open Front Tendon Boots
Item #: ME2001


Majyk Equipe Infinity Series Open Front Tendon Boots

The Majyk Equipe Infinity Series Front Tendon Jump Boots feature innovative technology to keep your horse protected and comfortable without interfering with your ride. These boots are constructed with an impact-resistant hardshell outer that offers protection while still flexing with the leg. A dual hardness outer strike guard repels impact and an inner strike guard utilizes ARX material to harden upon impact, ensuring flexibility without compromising protection. The interior is comprised of Hyperflex Rebound Foam, a non-neoprene bio foam that is soft to the touch, but has enough traction to prevent slipping. The naturally breathable foam has added perforations, and outer vents are lined with micro-mesh for optimal ventilation. The anti-fungal properties aid in keeping your horse happy and healthy.


- Tough BASF TPU Outer Hardshell
- Dual Hardness Outer Strike Guard
- ARX Variable Hardness Inner Strike Guard
- Bio Foam Liner
- Ventilated Air Holes Reduce Heat & Increase Air Flow
- Anti-Fungal
- Elastic Velcro Strap Security for Adjustable Fit

Choose from:

#ME2001 - Black/Pearl - One Size   
#ME2002 - White/Pearl - One Size  
#ME2003 - Brown/Black - One Size


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