Don't Fence Me In - Winter 2014 Collection

Brand: Painted Ponies
Model #: Don't Fence Me In - Winter 2014 Collection
Item #: PP982

Developed in Great Britain after World War II by Gypsies who wanted to create an artistic breed of horse to pull their highly decorated and colorful caravans, Gypsy Vanners are small draft horses popularly recognized for their long and flowing manes and tails, and the lush feathers on their lower legs that swish when they move. When a Vanner stallion kicks up its heels and runs across a pasture, it all but calls out, with class, presence and style, 'Hey! Look at me! I am special. I can do anything. Don't fence me in.'

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SKUDon't Fence Me In
Part NumberPP982
Release Date2014 Winter
ThemeBreeds of Ponies
ArtistKathleen Moody


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