Passier Arktur Jumping Saddle

Brand: Passier
Model #: Passier Arktur Jumping Saddle
Item #: 00518


Passier Arktur Jumping Saddle

A comfortable jumping saddle for more security on the jumping course. The Arktur Jumping Saddle convinces with it super soft seat. The knee and calf blocks give particularly good security over the fence; the thicker knee inserts ensure optimum contact with the horse. Its large and small saddle flaps are lined with calf leather and thus especially slip-proof.

Elegant decorative seams lend the saddle the perfect look. The freedom panels and the even larger surface contact area ensure an optimum fit to the horse's back, thus making the saddle particularly horse-friendly. The saddle for everyone who places particular emphasis on safety, maximum freedom of movement and perfect interaction between horse and rider.



Seat, knee inserts, and panels: Calf leather; large and small saddle flaps: lined with calf leather



PS saddle tree with semi-deep seat (broader at the rear), super-soft seat, thicker knee inserts, knee and calf blocks, freedom panels with wider surface contact area at the back, square cantle; optional: flat seat, small knee blocks, saddle flaps cut +2 cm (3/4”) or +4 cm (8/5”) further forward

Seat sizes: 16" to 19"

Colours: Black, Havana