Intrepid Advanced Ride Mono Flap Saddle

Brand: Intrepid
Model #: Intrepid Advanced Ride Mono Flap Saddle
Item #: 00314


Intrepid Advanced Ride Mono Flap Saddle

Many upper level Event and Jumper riders have rediscovered the benefits of riding in mono flap saddles. They are light weight and allow for a real clost contact feel of the horse’s body and reactions.

The Intrepid Advanced Ride mono flap saddle features an innovative drop billeted girthing system. The billets are easily accessible for care and maintenance with
the webbing supporting them running over the saddle for maximum strength.

This saddle features the IGP (Interchangeable Gullet Plate) system and wool flocked panels. The IGP systems allows for a more customized fit for the horse. The outer leather is calfskin for grip and minimal break in time.

Available in sizes 16” to 18” including half sizes. The saddle comes with the medium
gullet plate installed - other sizes are available for purchase separately.

Test Ride Saddle available!

Colour: Chocolate Brown

#0031416 - 16"
#00314165 - 16.5"
#0031417 - 17"
#00314175 - 17.5"
#00314185 - 18.5"
#0031419 - 19" (special order, call for price)

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