Passier Curved Leather Girth Short Style

Brand: Passier
Model #: Passier Curved Leather Girth Short Style
Item #: 072


Curved Leather Saddle Girth, Short Style
The Passier Curved Dressage Girth is made of top quality German leather girth in a well-thought-out design which virtually eliminates rubbing and chafing and won’t interfere with the horse’s movement. Stainless steel buckles are slightly off-set for saddles with V-billeting systems. Features a D-ring in the middle for the auxiliary reins

Approximate conversions from centimeters to inches are as follows:

45cm = approx. 18"
50cm = approx. 20"
55cm = approx. 22"
60cm = approx. 24"
65cm = approx. 26"
70cm = approx. 28"
75cm = approx. 30"
80cm = approx. 32"

Lengths: 45 to 80 cm (18" to 32")

Colours: Black and Havana

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